Medical Devices &  Mechanical Technologies Patent Attorneys

The mechanical and manufacturing group at Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor and Hunt counsels clients regarding patent laws and their strategic implementation.

We perform patent clearance, patentability and infringement searches; render patentability and freedom-to-operate opinions; and prepare validity and infringement analyses. We also have extensive experience in negotiating patent licenses and other patent-related contracts; as well as in preparing, filing, prosecuting and/or overseeing prosecution of patent applications worldwide in the mechanical arts.

JWTH attorneys have worked closely with clients covering a broad spectrum of industries, including:

  • aerospace & defense components, products & systems
  • aviation systems
  • consumer products (apparel, shoes, accessories, electronics, recreational equipment, flooring products, auto parts)
  • industrial products (agricultural machinery, small engine machinery, heavy equipment and machinery, foodservice equipment, packaging components, rubber and plastic products)
  • industrial manufacturing (robotics, textile manufacturing equipment, construction equipment, LED manufacturing and processing equipment, pump and valve assemblies, substrate and/or thin film processing equipment, various types of engine systems)
  • alternative energy products (wind products, solar products, photovoltaic cells, and off-grid systems)
  • medical devices (medical testing devices, diagnostic instruments and/or methods, drug-delivery systems, electronic medical devices, endoscopy systems, implantable devices, monitoring equipment, oncology related devices and systems, orthopedics and spine related devices and systems, surgical devices, therapeutic devices)
  • lighting products (LED products, systems, and devices; LED lighting fixtures; LED packages)
  • nanotechnology
  • materials science

Among the sample patents and design patents with which we have been involved are:

  • 7,762,050
  • 8,251,899
  • 7,923,739
  • 8,341,916
  • 7,618,300
  • 7,771,557
  • 8,297,293
  • 8,367,451
  • 6,209,274
  • 8,001,745
  • D641,096
  • D518,491